Real Estate Career Opportunities

As a real estate professional a person can enjoy many freedoms that are not present in a traditional employer – employee relationship. A real estate professional is an independent contractor that has a wide range of flexibility in the hours worked. This is a great position for a person that needs to work specific days but not other days, needs to work mornings but not evenings or evenings but not mornings. You are the person that controls your work hours. The real estate industry is the only industry left that a person with little start up capital can build their business into a very profitable organization.

How To Become A Real Estate Professional

To become a real estate professional first you must sign up and complete a pre-license course of 75 hours. Since the invention of the Internet this is more convenient than ever. The entire course can be taken online at your own pace. By spending just a few hours a week (5-8 hours) the pre-license course can be complete in just a few months. Click here to access more information on the pre-license course.

After the completion of the pre-license course you will be given a final exam for the course (this does require a trip to the Atlanta area). Once you have received a passing grade on the final exam you will be permitted to take the State of Georgia Real Estate License exam. At this time you will need a sponsoring broker to sign your exam paper. This will allow you to be a fully licensed real estate sales person when the test is successfully passed. With out the sponsoring broker the license will be placed on inactive statues upon completing your exam.

After Obtaining A License

Upon the passing of the state exam you are ready to go to work. The biggest mistake made by new real estate agents is to go to the office on a strict schedule just like a 9-5 job. Office time is important but 40 hours a week in the office is overkill. With the invention of cell phones and the Internet real estate professionals are free to get out where the sales are taking place. A good example is if a person is interested in new construction get out to the new subdivisions meet the builders and subcontractors. Start building a network/client base. Time spent in the office should be devoted to learning the new technology, placing ads, checking and returning emails and phone calls, and networking with your fellow agents and brokers

Cost Associated With The Real Estate Profession

To be a realtor means a mandatory membership with the National  Association of Realtors. ($250-$275 per year)

Electronic lock box key lease ($175 per year)

Lock box rentals ($2.00 each per month, 6 month commitment per box)

Access to all the listing on the MLS (multiple listing service) ($180 per year for the local mls, $205 per year for the state wide mls)

Errors and omission insurance ($150-$200 per year)

The cost of advertising your listings (approximately $35 per listing for the real estate book) To enhance listings with an online services such as or Living range form $500 – $1500 per year)

Sign riders with your name and phone number ($10-$15 each)

Brochure boxes ($15-$20 each)

Color brochure ($0.50-$1.25 each)

Post License Courses

During the first 12 months a new licensee must complete a 25-hour post license course. This course can also be taken completely online at your own pace. Click here to learn more about this post license cource.

For More Information

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